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Movitrac B

The MOVITRAC ® B series frequency inverters basic operation means that these standard inverters are quickly ready for use and perform your tasks extremely efficiently: from fan applications to materials handling and basic positioning.

Ideally suited for motors in our DR.. series, MOVITRAC ® B frequency inverters control the speed of asynchronous and explosion protected EDR.. motors.

Area of applications:

Crushers, Conveyor belts, Chain conveyors, Fan, Pumps, Roller conveyors, Extruders, Mixers, Escalators, Centrifuges


MOVIDRIVE ® MDR regenerative power supply units to harness the regenerative energy of your drives. The MOVIDRIVE ® MDR regenerative power supply unit acts as a centralized supply and regenerative power supply unit for the connected inverters.

Area of applications:

Gantry cranes, Stacker cranes, Lifting and Lowering applications


MOVIAXIS ® multi-axis servo inverters.

Their versatility makes them so adaptable, from tiered motion control or simple positioning through to support of specific kinematics. MOVIAXIS ® can be flexibly and individually configured for your application and in a way which allows optimal adaptation to the machine and system concepts.


Area of applications:

Materials handling, Applications, Chain conveyors, Process applications, Presses, Extruders, Screw conveyors, Gantry cranes