R Series | F Series | K Series | S Series | W Series

R Series

R series are universal all-rounders for many of your application areas. With their high efficiency, they are ideally suited for a multitude of applications. 

Thanks to our consistent modular system, the helical gearmotors of the series R..DR.. offer you many combination options. 

Regardless of the helical gearmotor design you finally decide on: You are always getting an optimum ratio between performance and intelligent use of space. Especially when you are looking for a space-saving drive solution

Area of applications:

Rotary tables, Pumps and fans, Waste water and Sewage, Treatment plants, Fans, Roller conveyors, Belt, Conveyors, Chain conveyors, Corner transfer units

F Series

Use this structural advantage and benefit from the remarkably slim design of our parallel-shaft gearmotors F..DR… Thanks to our modular concept, which allows for combining gear units and motors as needed, we can easily meet individual and application-specific requirements and in this way implement optimal solutions for you. In this way, you combine space-saving design with force, dynamics and reliability for 

a powerful parallel-shaft gearmotor.

Area of applications:

Materials handling applications, Chain conveyors, Process applications, Presses, Extruders, Screw conveyors, Gantry cranes

K Series

K series helical-bevel gear units are especially robust and low-maintenance. The reason for this is the high-endurance gearing and the high manufacturing quality of all component parts. Combine this helical-bevel gear unit with an AC motor and you get a powerful and compact helical-bevel gearmotor: with high efficiency and, depending on the energy efficiency class required, with a motor power range of up to 200 kW.  K.. DR..  also gearing with high fatigue strength and long, maintenance-free service life

Area of applications:

Pallet conveyors, Belt conveyors, Chain conveyors, Hoists and lifting stations, Scissor lift tables, Freight elevators,  Travel and lifting drives in stacker cranes

S Series

Their greatest strength is their running smoothness and their extremely low noise development. One thing is certain – With the helical-worm gearmotors S..DR.. you can save additional energy in the operation of your systems and are able to noticeably reduce ongoing operating costs. These include the significantly higher efficiency of the helical-worm combinations as opposed to single helical-worm gear units. 


Area of applications:

Drives in theater applications, Adjustment drives, Presses, Rotary tables, Corner transfer units


W Series

The special, wear-free SPIROPLAN ® gearing offers you a largely vibration-free drive with low weight and high efficiency. Excellent smooth running properties are achieved as a result of this gearing and steel on steel combination of the tooth elements.

The SPIROPLAN ® right-angle gear units are also maintenance-free thanks to their practical lubrication for life and help you to reduce the ongoing operating costs of your system. They are real lightweights thanks to their aluminum housing, with which you can of course implement any mounting position you wish

Area of applications:

Drives in theater applications, Adjustment drives, Presses, Rotary tables, Corner transfer units